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Class Placement Input Form 2020-2021

In Westwind School Division Schools, there is much to consider in the creation of class lists for the upcoming school year. This process takes this year’s teachers several weeks to work through each spring. We look at physical, academic, and behavioural information. We look closely at each student’s learning needs and do our best to match those needs with teachers and Educational Assistant supports. In addition, we consider children’s personalities and how well they have worked together in previous years. Balancing class sizes, gender ratios and special needs also play a role in designing classes.

After these class lists are made, small changes have cascading effects. We do, however,  want to ensure parents have the opportunity to provide input about their child. If you have any information that you would like to provide the school, please fill out and return this form to the office by April 30, 2020. Any forms received after this day will not be considered and no changes to class lists will be made after class lists are completed.

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