Staff Directory


Photo of Stacy Jacobs

Stacy Jacobs


Photo of Traci Appierspach

Traci Appierspach

Vice Principal

Photo of Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Vice Principal


Photo of Julie Allred

Julie Allred

B.Sc/B.Ed Grade 3 Teacher

Photo of Ryan Alston

Ryan Alston

B.Ed Grade 4 Teacher

Photo of Drew Anderson

Drew Anderson

B.A/B.Ed Grade 2/3 Teacher

Photo of Paula Anderson

Paula Anderson

B.ASc/B.Ed Grade 1 Teacher

Photo of Leon Atwood

Leon Atwood

B.GS, B.Ed Grade 5 Teacher

Photo of Natisha Bevans

Natisha Bevans

Music Teacher

Photo of Kaycee Bevans

Kaycee Bevans

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Marnie Butler

Marnie Butler

B.Mgt, B.Ed Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Jodi Cottle

Jodi Cottle

B.Sc Grade 4 Teacher

Photo of Kathryn Hamilton

Kathryn Hamilton

Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Spencer Harding

Spencer Harding

Grade 5 Teacher

Photo of Derick Heggie

Derick Heggie

B.Sc/B.Ed Grade 4 Teacher

Photo of Shawn Jensen

Shawn Jensen

Grade 1 Teacher

Photo of Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

B.A/B.Ed Grade 4 Teacher

placeholder image for Ashley Kopustas

Ashley Kopustas

Grade 3 Teacher

placeholder image for Dalys Quinton

Dalys Quinton

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Colton Quinton

Colton Quinton

B.Sc Ed Grade 2 Teacher

Photo of Paulette Romeril

Paulette Romeril

B.A Grade 5 Teacher

Photo of Karen Rowe

Karen Rowe

B.Ed Grade 2 Teacher

Photo of Corey Rowe

Corey Rowe

B.Ed Physical Education Teacher

Photo of Amanda Shaw

Amanda Shaw

B.Ed Grade 3 and Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Curtis Spencer

Curtis Spencer

B.Sc, B.Ed Grade 5 Teacher

Photo of Katie Sykes

Katie Sykes

B.A (Hon), B.Ed Grade 1 Teacher

Photo of Carley Taylor

Carley Taylor

Grade 3 Teacher

Photo of Stephanie Walz

Stephanie Walz

Grade 2 Teacher

placeholder image for Lisa Wehrhahn

Lisa Wehrhahn

Grade 1 Teacher

Photo of Macie Wood

Macie Wood

Grade 4 Teacher

Administrative Assistants

Photo of Mona Heggie

Mona Heggie

Photo of Cheryl Lewis

Cheryl Lewis

Administrative Assistant

Support Staff

Photo of Teresa Jackson- Librarian

Teresa Jackson- Librarian

Photo of Deedra Norton - Kitchen Coordinator

Deedra Norton - Kitchen Coordinator

Kitchen Coordinator

Family School Liaison Counsellors

Photo of Jerry First Charger

Jerry First Charger

placeholder image for Chris Fox

Chris Fox

placeholder image for Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson

placeholder image for Cherise Seitz

Cherise Seitz


Educational Assistants

Photo of Johanna Anderson

Johanna Anderson

Photo of ELizabeth Bectell

ELizabeth Bectell

Photo of Abigail Bennett

Abigail Bennett

Photo of Cammi Bevans

Cammi Bevans

Photo of Debbie Birch

Debbie Birch

Photo of Tanner Christine

Tanner Christine

Photo of Rusty Clark

Rusty Clark

Photo of Lorraine Dewey

Lorraine Dewey

placeholder image for Chelsea DeWolf

Chelsea DeWolf

Photo of Kirsty Dobson

Kirsty Dobson

Photo of Alex Ducharme

Alex Ducharme

placeholder image for Louise Freeman

Louise Freeman

placeholder image for Sandra Gilchrist

Sandra Gilchrist

Photo of Laurel Hansen

Laurel Hansen

Photo of Brittany Johnson

Brittany Johnson

Photo of Jodie Judd

Jodie Judd

Photo of Amanda Leavitt

Amanda Leavitt

Photo of Ella Lybbert

Ella Lybbert

placeholder image for Avery Many Bears

Avery Many Bears

Photo of Rachel Nish

Rachel Nish

Photo of Sherry Olsen

Sherry Olsen

placeholder image for Younjin Park

Younjin Park

Photo of Nadia Phillips

Nadia Phillips

placeholder image for Corinne Purnell

Corinne Purnell

Photo of Megan Redford

Megan Redford

Photo of Lindi Russell

Lindi Russell

Photo of Dori Shaw

Dori Shaw

placeholder image for Natalee Takahashi

Natalee Takahashi

Photo of Stephanie VandenHoek

Stephanie VandenHoek

Photo of Telina Williams

Telina Williams

Photo of Julie Wolsey

Julie Wolsey

Photo of Jolene Wynder

Jolene Wynder

Photo of Lisa Zaugg

Lisa Zaugg


placeholder image for Margie Haynes

Margie Haynes

Photo of Preben Polund

Preben Polund

Head Custodian

placeholder image for Jason Schnoor

Jason Schnoor