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Welcome 23/24 Grade 4 Teacher

Macie Wood

My name is Macie Wood, and I am so excited to be starting my teaching career at the Cardston
Elementary School. I worked as an EA before going back to school to obtain my teaching degree
and it feels like coming home!
I grew up in Fort McMurray and met my husband there. We have been married for almost 20
years and together have five children. Three beautiful girls, two handsome boys and four of the
cutest grandkids. We love spending time with family and one of our favourite things to do is
laugh, there can never be too much laughing and smiling in the world!
I completed my Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education at the University of Lethbridge. My
major is Indigenous Studies, and my minor is social studies. I have a passion for helping students
reach their highest potential. I could not have gotten through my post-secondary education later
in life without my support team and I want to pay that forward to every student that walks into
my classroom. I strongly believe all students have the ability to learn, and I look forward to
many years of supporting your students in their learning.

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